About Us

Milieu Creative pride themselves on considered human-centred design, creating spaces that adapt and respond to our client’s lives.

A unique aspect of our process is our Strategic Briefing at the commencement of the project - this is where aspirational vision connects with functional needs to translate our client’s values into building identities that physically express their values through both experience and aesthetic.

We understand that great spaces are not created in design alone -they require an equal level of care, construction-knowledge and analytical problem solving to deliver the project to completion. Milieu Creative are unique in combining construction knowledge delivery expertise within a single in-house team of design professionals. Our full suite of services are the key to ensuring the intent of a design is realised in every aspect.


Milieu Creative approaches Design by considering all elements of an environment as a whole – the site, the architecture, the interior design, the landscaping and the user-experience. Our architecture is initially driven by the site and how we can maximize the space by exploring and reinterpreting perceived constraints into beneficial outcomes.

Throughout the design process we consistently play with the interrelationship of the Architecture, Interiors and Landscaping in order to achieve a harmonious balance across every aspect of a built form.

Milieu Creative is a collection of industry leaders with experience designing and delivering a diverse range of projects across various countries and property disciplines. In delivering projects Milieu Creative invest as much passion and ownership as our client’s in the project outcomes. In doing so, the aspirations and vision of our clients become a shared objective allowing translation into a built form.

Our in-house delivery experience allows Milieu Creative to perform the role of Development Manager - leading the project from initiation to completion. This includes planning and approvals, project brief development, consultant team, contractor procurement, and contract negotiation. In addition, marketing and sales, leasing, day to day project delivery, programme management, and commercial management.The delivery of a project is of equal importance to the design. At Milieu, we are able to offer both services within a single in-house team to maximize the coordination and control of all project aspects.