Milieu Creative


Who We Are

We are Milieu, an intuitive architecture and interior design collective with an innate understanding of human centred design. Thoughtful, accomplished, experienced, agile – we bring together large-scale international know-how with a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to crafting your environments with clarity, purpose and authenticity. 

Our Philosophy

Milieu believes that – just like the universe – all things must make sense within a grander context. We assign this concept to our designs, our clients and the ultimate users of the spaces we create. Before we can understand how a space fits with a place, we must first understand how we fit with you. There’s a big difference between cooperation and collaboration. By working towards shared goals, we achieve exceptional outcomes together.


Davina Bester

Managing Director MArch, BEnvDes, (Reg 3148)

Joel Fuller

Senior Architect BArts, BArch, (Reg 2592)

Anna Hi

Senior Architect B Arch, BEnvDes, (Reg 2482)

Christina De Sousa

Architect MArch, BApSC, (Reg 3153)

Khairani Khalifah

Project Leader BArch, DipArch

Alessia Richards

Project Leader MArch, BApSC

Lucy Bothwell

Senior Interior Designer BA (Interior Architecture)

Kaila Cicchini

Interior Designer ADV Dip Interior Design